“Green Party Supports Occupy Charlotte Movement” by Alan Burns

Local Green Party members support Occupy Charlotte. While there is no leadership or political party identification among the protesters, the common goal is to stop the corporate influence of policy both in Washington as well as state capitals.

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy America, and October 2011 demonstrations across America are not an appeal to vote Democrat and reelect President Obama in 2012. The Democratic Party has proved itself as dedicated to Wall Street as the GOP. Many of the protesters have expressed their disgust with two-party politics and the influence of corporate money. Organizers have rejected attempts to shoehorn the movement into any party and assert that the protesters come from diverse political persuasions. Greens, who are participating in the protests and among the organizers, have pointed to the Green Party’s alternative vision for America, as expressed in the Green New Deal.

The Green Party offers a platform for peace, economic security for working people, millions of new green jobs in conservation and clean energy development, an end to fossil fuel addiction, real steps for curbing global climate change and restoring the health of the planet, universal health care (Medicare For All), and reforms that would limit the power of corporations and restore the promise of participatory democracy and fair elections. Green candidates do not accept corporate money.

The Green Party has endorsed and joined the demos because we share the same frustration and anger as the other protesters. Greens are there because we bring alternative ideas like the Green New Deal. And we’re there because we encourage the 99 percent — We The People — to organize, end pro-corporate two-party rule, and replace the politicians in public office who enabled Wall Street’s theft of America’s future. This can only happen through an independent alliance with the same diversity we’re seeing at the protests: labor activists, Greens, progressives, anarchists, libertarians, nonvoters, disappointed Democrats and Republicans, and all others who want real change.

The postings on the Charlotte Area Green Party blog intended for educational purposes and issue advocacy. Postings represent the opinions of their author, and may or may not represent the opinions of the local, state or national Green Party affiliates.

Alan Burns is the co-chair of the Charlotte Area Green Party and founder of ThinkGlobalGreen.org, a source for comprehensive and up-to-date information on the environment and global warming. (http://www.thinkglobalgreen.org)


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